Begin Your Forever with an Epic Safari Honeymoon

Tailored Safaris That Intertwine Luxury, Adventure, and ​Romance in the Heart of Africa

Embrace the Adventure

An African safari honeymoon is a ​celebration of love in the wildest, most ​breathtaking settings on earth. SLK Safaris ​offers you a custom adventure as original ​as your love story. Imagine sharing the ​awesome wonder of the migration in ​Serengeti National Park, a camel safari in ​Northern Kenya with the Samburu, or ​fishing in the great Zambezi River; each ​experience is designed to change you, ​bringing you closer in profound ways.

Private white rhino safari from Lewa House
Outside bath at Oliver's Camp

Curated Honeymoons Tailored to You

Your interests, travel length, and budget ​are our guides to crafting your ​unforgettable journey. Whether it’s ​trekking endangered mountain gorillas, ​snorkeling with whale sharks in the Indian ​Ocean, or indulging in South African ​wines and hospitality in the Capelands; we ​promise a honeymoon that’s expertly ​curated and deeply personal.

Discover the Unforgettable

Our knowledge and passion encompasses:

  • The vibrant heart of East Africa: ​Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, and ​Rwanda.
  • The jewels of Southern Africa: South ​Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, ​and Botswana.
  • The wild beauty of the Central African ​Republic and the Republic of Congo.
Intimate mountain gorilla trek photo by Culbert

Why Choose SLK Safaris?

Exclusive Itineraries

Our safaris blend luxury and adventure, from private butler services in opulent lodges ​to thrilling road trips across dramatic landscapes. We meticulously plan and manage ​your safari from start to finish, ensuring an unparalleled experience.

Cultural Immersion

Dive into the rich mosaic of African cultures through our curated experiences.

Conservation and Community Impact

Your journey with us contributes directly to wildlife conservation and supports local ​communities, all while respecting the natural and cultural environments we visit.

Your Love Story, Africa’s Canvas

Let SLK Safaris weave your love story ​amidst Africa’s vast skies, majestic ​wildlife, and breathtaking landscapes. ​Your dream honeymoon awaits—a ​journey where each day unfolds against ​a backdrop of awe-inspiring beauty, ​connecting you to the earth and to each ​other in profound ways. With us, your ​adventure is more than a trip; it’s a ​chapter of your love story enriched with ​unforgettable moments and the magic of ​Africa.
Honeymoon toast at Jabali Ridge
Beautiful reticulated giraffes photographed on safari

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