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Our Social and Environmental Impact

Kope Lion logo featuring a silhouette of a person with a spear, a lion, and a bull.
Lioness with cubs nursing, one cub standing and looking towards the camera in the grasslands.

Meet Kope Lion

A community we proudly support

Kope Lion is an organization dedicated to fostering lasting coexistence between pastoralists and lions in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area and its surroundings. In recent years, this region has faced intensifying human-wildlife conflicts, which have taken a toll on both the local communities and the lion populations. Over the past few decades, lions have begun to disappear entirely from their former ranges, creating a concerning separation between the famous Ngorongoro Crater lions and those in the Serengeti.

We’ve committed to donating a percentage of every safari booked through us to Kope Lion. This contribution helps sustain the coexistence between humans and nature, ensuring that future generations can continue to witness the majesty of African wildlife in its natural habitat.

Single Use Plastics

Our changes to help eliminate them

Plastic pollution is a global crisis, and its effects are particularly devastating in pristine natural environments. Single-use plastic bottles, often used for water during safari excursions, contribute significantly to this problem. They not only litter the landscape but also pose a threat to wildlife that may ingest or become entangled in plastic waste.


To address this issue, we’ve equipped all our safari vehicles with large, reusable water refill bottles. These containers hold enough water for each day’s excursion, ensuring that our guests stay hydrated without relying on disposable plastic bottles. At the end of each day, these bottles are thoroughly cleaned, sanitized, and refilled for the next adventure.

This simple yet effective change has dramatically reduced the amount of plastic waste generated during our safaris. It’s a small step that, when multiplied across all our tours, makes a significant difference in preserving the natural beauty of Africa’s landscapes.

Elephant herd viewed from a safari vehicle